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( Jul. 13th, 2012 11:07 pm)

I was having quite a slow day today, the household being slightly stressful and all, so I've started on a fairly simple skirt for Rachel, to match one of the leotards.  I picked a reddish purple jersey knit, which I think is either 100% cotton, or cotton and viscose.  It tones quite nicely with some of the purples in the print on the leotard.

It has a nice heavy feel to it, so drapes nicely.  I'll make up a prototype skirt, and if it works, I might decorate it.

apart from this, all I did today was sit and stress, until I started looking at Luts Kid Delfs.  These are so cute, and more of a normal body size than the Iple dolls.   I love Iples, I really do, but I'm wondering if I should get a thinner bodied MSD so I can make outfits that will fit more dolls, and hence open up my sales possibilities a bit.

At present, the KDF's are winning.   I mean these aren't the only dolls I can ever buy, like EVER, right?  I can carry on saving up and maybe buy more around Christmas, or next year.   My credit card will be maxed out though, once I've bought the second two dolls I've planned to get.  However, Luts KDF are much less expensive than many other brands, and now they have light brown skin too.

I'll save a bit more and think about it. It's not like I can rush into a purchase until I have the funds.




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