I don't have an artwork icon, so here's Giz, snoozing.

Well, I think I need a bijou break-ette from sewing, so I'm applying myself to The Sketch Book Project 2013.

I managed to complete the 2012 project (here's my page for that) which is awesome because I'm terrible at finishing art projects, let alone whole sketch books. I have dozens of them with like one or two pages filled.

Anyway, I've also started a Flickr group for this, seeing as there doesn't seem to be an existing group for it.

Being so into my sewing, I've hardly touched this sketch book, so I think I need to get something done. I have until the end of January to post it, I think, but that's no excuse for procrastination, January will be on top of me before I can say bah humbug. Trufax.

This is a doll blog, not an art blog, but I'd like to post my progress here, because it helps me to stick with things. So I might try to make it somewhat doll-themed. I've done a halfhearted sketch in Gimp for it, and I daubed some neon paint over the cover and a couple of the pages today. Colour often gets me going, it's a massive boon if one suffers from THE FEAR of that blank white page.

I went for neon pink and orange, with a hint of white:

I just love neon acrylics :3 I added some neon yellow to a couple of the inner pages, and photographed the book so you can see the Gimp sketch I printed out and stuck in.

I don't think I have the perseverance to fill it with doll drawings, but I'll try to keep it fairly dollish.




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