Well, the sketch book project is coming along, but there aren't many dolls in it, just my painty scrawlings, and I have to admit I'm not enjoying it. Although I did need a break from sewing, and have now found something that piques my interest.  I've been very quiet on here and on my Flickr,  but still have things for sale if you want to check out my Ebay and Etsy links in the bar to the right.

I've wanted to make a corset for ages.  I have a basic one I adapted from a bought pattern, but I don't like it because it doesn't have that lovely "V" shaped front panel that I like so much.  I once made a Pippa corset by wrapping paper around the doll, cutting it up and using that as my pattern, so I did something similar with my Ellowyne Wilde.

I do know Martha Boers has used this technique to awesome effect, so I tied it again myself.  Doing it on a large doll is a bit more scary though!

First I wrapped Ell up in common old loo-roll, then applied small bits of masking tape over the tissue to form the right shape, basically sculpting the corset on the doll.  I made it loose, and I like a corset over a long skirt, so the last few days have been spent making the skirt with a slightly dropped waist and getting that right.  I'll post some pictures of that soon-ish.

That done, I marked out where I wanted the seams in vanishing ink first, because it's easy to remove ones mistakes, then I used sharpie. (DON'T get sharpie on your doll like I did.  Ugh.  It's there forever now, thank the lord it wasn't one of my Iple dolls.  I would have cried)

It's all a bit ugly and messy, but the basic seams were drawn on. I only really needed to do one half of the corset here, seeing as the pattern pieces bar the centre will be flipped over for the opposite panel.

Then I cut down the centre of the back very carefully, using fine scissors.  You need to remember to add extra seam allowance to the centre back, some for the actual seams, some for the overlap, unless you want to make a lace-up closure, which I do, just not yet.

The sculpted corset.

Then I cut the pattern apart using the marked seams as cutting lines, and draw around each piece to make the pattern.   I got too into this to remember to take pictures.  But here's my prototype garment:

It's a perfect fit at the back and front,  and almost perfect at the sides.  I've tweaked it a bit, nipped in the offending sides, and altered the décolletage a little.   Now I'll cut the pieces from good fabric, and the same with some lining, and make another.  I hope it goes okay!


(( Part 2 ))




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