I've been pretty unwell lately, with the massive stress of the dreaded Atos medical assessment looming, but I've have managed to sew to calm my nerves a bit.  It's so therapeutic, (unless I have the shakes) I don't know what I'd do without it.

Any old hoo, I finished the corset and skirt set with some detached frilled sleeves, and some shabby roses handmade from the same fabric as the corset. 

Corset with sleeves and shabby rose decor:

The rose details on the double-layered skirt:

and the whole outfit complete. The back looks good too, because I covered over the snaps with silver plated nailheads, then forgot to photograph them. I'll do it some other time.

And now I've started on a purple version.  this one will be pretty much the same, but I added a little lace to the skirt layers and will probably use crochet flowers to embellish. Those little fabric roses are lovely, but a real pain to make.

Here's the skirt all done, again perfected first, so the corset itself will fit nicely over the top. 

Not only will I use my Spoonflower fabric for the corset, but the skirt fabric is one from my own hand dyed stash batch.  I love the colour.




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