I'm kind of trying to build up several doll outfits over the next few months, with vague notions of selling them for the Christmas season.  But I might just list them before then, it depends on how I'm feeling because trips to the Post Office are REALLY stressful for an agoraphobic!   I'm loathe to mention the C word in August - but I actually saw a Christmas TV ad last week! Holy cow, can't we just sit and enjoy the Olympics without that kind of input?

But I digress.  Here's the finished purple outfit.  I'm delighted with the way I managed to shape the skirt, it looks fab in crinkle fabric, and I'm going to try one is soft un-crinkled cotton lawn next.  Just to see if it looks right.  

With this one, I'm very happy with my new method of making buttonhole loops for the armlets.  It saves my poor fingers and looks lovely, but it's a trade secret! 

Due to my lack of funds, 'm trying to find creative ways to trim things, so for this I crocheted little flowers and sewed beads into the centres.

For fastenings, I've started to finish  my sewn-in snaps with nailheads, just to hide the stitches and give it a more polished finish. these are silvertone satin finish, and I love them.

I put a wig on my poor little scalped Ell (Although I'm fond of her with her stubble, it looks kinda punk) so she looks pretty in the new frock.

And here's the overall look:

Lastly,  detail of the armlet fastenings. I do love detached sleeves with an outfit, it gives scope for more than one look.

I'm starting another one now, and I'm trying to use my sewing machine for the first time.  the fabric takes so long to cut and edge with fray check, that it's a scary prospect!


raccoons_rags: (machine sewing)
( Aug. 12th, 2012 05:09 pm)

FINALLY I've used my sewing machine.   Long story, but basically I'm terrified of them, and opt for hand sewing due to greater control and in some cases better quality.

But for this latest skirt, I used the machine for the long straight side seams, and for the top stitching around the lower edge of the top tiers, and for the hems.  The gathered parts and the waistband I did by hand, because hand gathering is more easy to control.

I've been looking at better machines with things like gathering feet, and 7-piece feed dogs.  I've found a computerised machine I like with a few extra stitches and lots of things I've always wanted in a sewing machine.  But to justify spending £300+ I decided I really needed to get to grips with my mini, which is brand new.

I quite enjoyed it, but it would be nice to have variable speed, adjustable stitch width and the greater control that the 7=-piece dogs would giv me.

Also, the skirt turned out great in the non-crinkled fabric!  So yay.  I had a good day today for the first time in a week.