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( Aug. 24th, 2012 08:12 pm)

Well, I've had a dreadful week, where I had to leave the house 3 times, which for an anxiety ridden agoraphobic is exhausting.  Then today (Friday) I had my medical assessment for my benefits.  I was terrified and so ill with all the worry and waiting for this to come that I literally fell apart.  So one of my housemates, who's also my official carere had to speak up for me and help me out.

Thankfully, the Atos Doctor was incredibly courteous and considerate.  I've heard nightmare stories about these doctors from the DWP, but this one not only listened, but was actually able to offer help and advice.  So now the week is over, I can collapsible into a heap and go wibble for a few days.

Honestly, I got so stressed I'm now physically ill. I'll probably sleep for a week.

But on a nicer note, I looked at an old journal entry showing pictures of my little cosy room, in which I sleep and sew, and decided that I may tidy up a bit and take another set of photos.  Just for posterity.

I've sewed too, but I'll post those pics in another entry.


Just some shots of a recently completed Ellowyne outfit.  The corset is in marble-dyed fabric, and the skirt in a bleached-out fabric - all done by myself.  It's soft and pretty in sorbet colours, and I also made the little flower trims.  I do love this corset pattern, it was so worth all the effort of designing my own pattern.

I'm loving the gathered frayed strip of fabric around the base of the corset.  It's a bit awkward to sew neatly, but it looks great.   I've allso developed the new way of buttoning up the armlets, with a crocheted strip of buttonholes, rather than sewing each buttonhole individually.  It's not only a little quicker, but looks pretty and adds a bit more interest.  The armlets are also hand-embroidered with feather stitch in my own hand-dyed variegated floss.

The back:  Five snaps covered over with hotfix nailheads in a brushed metal finish.  I did attempt an experimental closure on the back, similar to that on the armlets, but wasn't happy and had to unpick the whole thing TWICE, before resorting to my tried and tested snaps.   I can do the eyelets like most people who make corsets seem to do, but for ease of dressing and undressing the doll, you can't beat snaps, and I think the nailheads look really nice.

The skirt has a shaped, dropped waistband.

And hand-crocheted flowers in a commercially dyed variegated yarn - which just happens to fit the colour scheme perfectly.  I also have tried to keep this outfit "shabby" with the frayed trim on the corset, and the strands of thread hanging from each flower.  Most of my sewing is very pristine and neatly hemmed. I'm really enjoying fraying things and deliberately making them look a little weathered.

All done :)   Another one ready to list on Etsy when I can face the potential trip to the Post office.




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